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Custom Fabrications


Custom Fabrication

Apollo Glass & Mirror specializes in custom cut glass and custom cut mirror.


We can handle a wide range of projects such as cabinetry inserts, glass shelves, tabletops, fireplaces, and even flat glass replacements for industrial and farming equipment. We have the expertise and the machinery to cut, drill, edge, bevel, miter and polish a variety of glass and mirror types and thicknesses. All done on site.

Whether you need one piece or several, you have come to the right place.


Beyond the most common clear glass and mirror, we stock a variety of glass and mirror types. These incudes tinted glass, over 2 dozen types of patterned (decorative) glass, low iron glass, ceramic heat resistant glass, laminated glass, antique mirror, and Georgian wired glass.

We are able to custom cut glass in a variety of shapes, so that you can have the perfect piece for your specific need. Talk to us about the edgework that you need! We will provide at a minimum, an arris edge but can easily process a variety of beautiful polished edges when needed.


Glass Tempering? No problem at all!


Call us with your issue. We are a full-service shop that can provide options for your custom requirements.


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