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Window Replacement/Repair

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Do you need to replace your entire window? Do you need to replace all your windows? The requirement to answer these questions is proper due diligence.  Properly answered in terms of a value-added proposition, one may avoid thousands of dollars and the inconvenience of days if not weeks of intrusive work at your home. It is important for homeowners to understand the facts. Alternatives such as glass only replacement might be a more appropriate solution.


For commercial window repair, please visit our commercial section.


What are the events that drives these questions?


  1. Rotting or damaged frames

  2. Energy cost savings

  3. Hardware damage

  4. Broken or cracked glass

  5. Discolored or foggy window


Rotting or damaged frames are the main reason for a “full window replacement”. Drafts around the frame and curb appeal due to unsightly frames are a good sign that this is the case.

Energy cost savings could be a consideration but understanding the economics is important before making such a decision. Any claim made by a window manufacturer regarding savings should be clear about the comparisons. Are the savings benchmarked against older insulated glass unit windows or single pane windows?

Do Replacement Windows Pay for Themselves?

Hardware damage such as cranks can often be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a window replacement.


Broken or cracked glass caused by physical impact or thermal stress are often unassociated with a frame problem. There are several reasons for thermal stress cracks including blinds that are too close to the window. Large windows with partial shading are also susceptible to cracking due to the heat differential over its surface. Glass only replacement by a skilled company can save a significant amount of money. Measures such as glass tempering can ensure this problem does not repeat.

A discolored or foggy window is due to an insulated glass unit failure. The broken seal has allowed moisture between the panes of glass. As the moisture condenses and evaporates, deposits within the window creates clouds. While this happens to almost all insulated glass units over time, the amount of time is often shortened on the side of the house with the most sun exposure. The gas between the panes will expand under direct sunlight (heated by photons) and later contract, when cooled. The cycling of pressure will take a toll on the seal between the glass panes and cracks will form, allowing the entry of humid air. There will be a degradation in the thermal properties of the glass unit in such instances. An insulated glass unit replacement is all you need.


Why choose “window glass replacement” over a “full window replacement”?


Mainly cost and time. If the window frame is in relatively good condition, a glass replacement should be a serious consideration. The time associated with manufacturing and installation, as well as the overall costs, will be significantly lower. Beyond the notable differences in costs, there are peripheral costs related to “full window replacement” that are often unaccounted for. New window coverings such as blinds and shutters could require replacing, due to a newly altered opening size, as an example. The older ones no longer fit.


While “full window replacements” look superb, a selective replacement of a few them can create a noticeable mismatch-visually to your other window frames. This could negatively affect your home curb-appeal. Glass only replacement will eliminate that problem.


I need a window glass replacement. Why should I choose Apollo Glass & Mirror?

Speed and quality.  We carry a large range of glass thicknesses and can fabricate and process in our facility in a fraction of the time many of our competitors require to order and pick up any window. Our technicians are equipped with the proper field service scan tool to evaluate things like low-e coatings, multi-pane thicknesses and even laminated glass PVB thicknesses. This helps to match the size and the tinge (associated with different low-e application processes) of the replacement to your other windows.


Tinge can vary widely between different low-e types and is a subject matter that often lacks attention by other glass replacement companies. While time and changes to manufacturing processes can make it slightly different, there is most certainly a process that we address to make the match as close as possible.

Matching decorative grills or muntin bars within insulated glass units can be problematic for discontinued products. We will retrofit your old ones if that is desired. 


Shaped insulated glass units such as half circles are often harder to locate as a replacement among our competitors. At Apollo Glass & Mirror, you will find what you need.. 


Proper glass repair not only requires skilled installation but product knowledge. If case you need it done quickly due to reasons such as a home sale or security concerns, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate all rush orders.

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