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Window Replacement/Repair

Can I just get replacement window glass? 

Why choose window glass replacement over a full window replacement? Mainly cost and time. If the window frame is in relatively good condition, a glass replacement should be considered. Full Window replacement (including frames) costs cannot be understated. They require measurement, ordering and installation that will far exceed replacing the glass. Quite often, new window coverings such as blinds and shutters may also need to be replaced due to a newly altered opening size. The old ones may no longer fit.

Insulated glass units may break or simply fail over time and become foggy. Not only are they unsightly, but they've lost their thermal properties. We routinely and expertly replace the glass in all types of windows. We analyze what type of glass the unit is comprised of (clear, tinted, low-e coated, annealed, tempered,heat strengthened or laminated),and observe what the possible causes of the problem were in order to avoid a reoccurence. We can also fabricate any shape that is required.

Speed can often be essential for many reasons including a home sale. We can turn around a replacement in days opposed to weeks.

Need it done fast...let us know!

I have a broken window. Why should I choose Apollo Glass & Mirror?


Speed and quality.  We carry a large range of glass thicknesses and can fabricate and process in our facility in a fraction of the time many of our competitors require to order and pick up any window. Our technicians are equipped with the proper field service scan tool to evaluate things like low-e coatings, multi-pane thicknesses and even laminated glass PVB thicknesses. This helps to match the size and the tinge (associated with different low-e application processes) of the replacement to your other windows. Proper glass repair not only requires skilled installation but product knowledge. Get the job done right by giving us a call or...

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